Porsche 968


Porsche 968Porsche frontright quarter panelRight side
Back left wheelFront Right WheelFront Left wheelBack Left Wheel
Right headlightLeft headlightleft taillightright taillight
Passenger door handleDriver door handlePassenger Side mirror frontPassenger side mirror back
Driver side mirror frontdriver side mirror backDriver side door handlePorsche badge
Driver side interiorDrivers seatRear seatsDriver door card
Center ConsolegaugesSteering wheelGear shifter
Gear shifterGlove boxCenter ConsoleLeft dash
right dashPassenger door cardPassenger SeatRear seats
Center ConsoleCenter dashGlove boxGlove box open
Passenger door jamPassenger doorDriver door jamDriver door
Door tagTrunk rightTrunk leftDisc changer
trunk centerTrunk righttrunk centerTrunk Left
Engine CenyerEngine RightEngine LeftEngine
Glass tagglass tagGlass TagGlass tag
Glass tag

1992 Porsche 968


  • 1/19 Amethyst Metallic 968's
  • Only Porsche with optioned Light Gray/Magenta Porsche Text seats
  • 3.0L Water-cooled 4cyl
  • 6-Speed Manual Transmission
  • 8,200 miles

In 1992 Porsche unveiled what should have been the 944 S3, they however opted to rebrand the car as the new 968. Porsche argued that they had spent a lot of money in development to iron out and improve the quirks of the 944, and felt that by the time they had finished, had created something unique enough to hold its own. We’ve had the luxury of jumping back and forth between the 944 S2 and 968 here, and will note that although the DNA of this mighty 4cyl is relatively unchanged, Porsche did make enormous strides in refining and improving this final iteration. 

The 1992 968 would benefit from many upgrades, most notably to the engines reliability and power that sets the car apart from its younger brother. Porsche dissected the engine and put it back together with better valve spring quality, and added oil sprays to cool pistons and forged connecting rods for added strength. One of the biggest changes that you can immediately feel is the addition of a sprung and rubber damped fly wheel to absorb the buzzing and tremors characteristic of the big 3.0L 4cyl. While they were at it, Porsche tossed the much maligned 5 speed transmission and replaced it with a vastly improved 6-speed built in collaboration with Audi. Last but not least the front end and engine compartment were redesigned by Harm Lagaay. The engines valve cover would be the first styled engine compartment out of Porsche’s factory. The front of the car received a facelift that brought back exposed headlights to the 968, which created a uniformity of design between the 911, 928, 959.

It’s interesting to see how well the 944, and 968’s have aged through time. In period the 968 was much maligned as an overpriced and inauthentic Porsche that really did not get a lot of praise in media circles. That opinion has seemingly warn off through time. The 968 is now appreciated for what it is. A truly brilliant design that, at the time, fit current global and economic pressures perfectly. This was the car that was intended to take Porsche to the next frontier, and thus was designed and over engineered with that in mind. When driving the 968 there’s very little in common with the 911 outside of the welcoming Porsche ‘scent’ and reassuring feeling of robust quality. It is just a wonderful, different, yet wonderful driving experience. The 968 has some of the best weight balance and handling in the fleet. It will happily suck down to the road on turn in and power out of corners with the gobs of torque provided by the big 4cyl. The cabin feels more spacious, helped in part by the wonderful visibility provided by the large windows and sunroof. These cars were meant for long jaunts on twisty roads, and Porsche supplied you with an enlarged 20-gallon fuel tank to give you that extra push to get you home after an exhilarating drive. 

This wild Amethyst Metallic 968 was delivered new in 1992 at Stoddard Imported Cars in Willoughby Ohio. Unique to this car is the “Porsche” text Light Grey/Magenta cloth seats and door panels, which based on our research makes this the only car optioned with this. This highly original and well optioned 968 has been absolutely babied throughout its life, evidenced by its absolutely spotless interior. Benefiting from a recent service and full detail this 968 is prepped and ready for it’s next home in the hands of a passionate Porsche aficionado. 

Additional Options:

220-Limited Slip Differential

490- Hi-Fi Sounds System/Speakers/Amp

494- Amplifier

498- Rear emblem delete

526- Cloth door panels

692- Remote CD Changer